Get ready to sweat in this 50 minute HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) class! A mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills, plyometric movements and anaerobic exercises are all designed to teach you correct technique to maximise your cardio, speed, strength and endurance potential. No experience is necessary as each boxing class combines a technique component.

** Must provide your own boxing gloves due to health and safety. Gloves, Inners and Wraps are all available for purchase. Pads are provided. Click here to book into a HIIT Boxing Class


The meaning of Sportif is Athletic in French, so we have designed this signature class to channel your inner athlete. Expect fast paced circuits utilising kettle bells, medicine balls, BOSUs, TRX, battle ropes and much more. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate elevated and burns more fat in less time! All fitness levels are welcome as each session is time-based and includes varied progressions to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout. Click here to book into a Sportif! Class


If you were alive 5,000 years ago, what do you think you would look like?

I can tell you now that you would most definitely be a more athletic and active version of your current self.

Sportif's Primal Movement class is designed to focus on movement patterns rather than a specific muscle group when exercising to develop a functional and strong body, which is very important based on our current sedentary lifestyle. Each week our 50min workouts will follow the following structure:

Dynamic Stretching: 3-5minutes

Strength Focus: 20-30minutes

HIIT Conditioning: 5-10minutes

Click here to book into a Primal Class


I am extremely passionate about educating teenage girls in the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle through exercise. It is a known fact that regular structured daily exercise helps improve concentration, effective time management, resilience towards attaining goals - whether academic or physical, not to mention the physiological benefits. Please contact me on 0433 719 724 for full workshop dates.