Jess is an amazing, highly professional, caring and encouraging Personal Trainer.
She has extensive knowledge of exercise, diet and the human body.
I love being trained by Jess because she keeps it fresh with different exercises & routines.
The best thing is you walk away after a session with nothing left in the tank and feel great!
Thanks Jess”
— Kimberley Compton
I want to thank Jess for her constant interest in my personal training- she is always doing different things and so never becomes boring !!! Also her care and thoughtfulness is amazing ! I have a few problems and limitations and she seems to work around them with strengthening exercises and keeping me mobile while helping my balance which of course is so important for us oldies (not really so old, but heading there).
I had been telling my husband about Jess and doing the “Jess rave” and finally he ventured into her realm, and very quickly became a great fan, and proceeded to blow her praises !!!
I feel so lucky to have found her, she is a friend and a very special trainer.
Highly recommended !!!”
— Jenny Goodwin
I have been training with Jess at Sportif since October 2016. I do a variety of the classes she offers including boxing, primal and sportif. Jess’s classes always challenge me and I find them all a good mix of cardio and strength training. The workouts are always different so I don’t get bored. Jess gives us all individual attention and makes sure we are using the correct form to get the most out of each exercise. Jess is a great motivator and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Training with her has been the best thing I have done for my fitness and health.”
— Elizabeth McClatchey
Jess is an outstanding PT and group trainer. Her sessions are fun, challenging, free of repetition & never a waste of time! She seems to get the best out of her clients, no matter what size or shape or exercise background, with exercises and dietary advice to suit each individual. After 6 months of training I’m fitter & leaner than ever before. Highly recommended!”
— Kathleen Andreatta
I joined Jess’s Sportif 8 months ago and I’m loving it. The ‘primal’ style of training is great and has significantly improved my range of movements and balance, especially for a guy in his late fifties! The sessions are always different and never boring. The HIIT finishers will get your fitness to a level that you wouldn’t believe possible. Jess is a great motivator, highly knowledgeable, and she will help you achieve your goals. Even better, she rewards current clients! I’m a big fan of Sportif. “
— Mark McClatchey
I enjoy training with Jess from Sportif because she takes a personal interest in my goals. She listens to what I have to say, makes her own assessment of my fitness level and ability, and then pushes to me (but always in a nice way)!
Through training will Jess I’ve done things I never thought I’d be able to do. She has helped me get fit, strong and healthy.
Jess is a great trainer, and a truly lovely person.
— Sue O , Mosman